About guesstheage Game

How can the website www.guesstheage.com be useful to you?

  • Firstly, it helps you find out how old you really look, as well as which haircut, hair colour or makeup would help you look younger.
  • Secondly, it helps improve your ability to tell people’s age.
How old do I look?

How old do I really look?

How many times did we ask ourselves this question throughout our lifetime? We all probably did quite a few times, but the answer to this question is not so easy to find.

Many of us try to look younger by different means such as doing sports, eating right, changing our haircut, using makeup and antiaging products and even having plastic surgery done. All these may help us look younger, but how can we concretely measure the success of our actions?

Each of us have our own perception of how old we look, but this perception is subjective and can be far from the truth. What would then be the best way to get an answer as close to the truth as possible?
Most of us try to find out the opinion of those around us by simply asking: How old do you think I am?

Although it might allow us to have a relatively accurate estimation, this approach has several flaws:

  • Our close ones already know our age, therefore their answer will surely be influenced by this fact, plus they might be tempted to give us a positive feedback just to make us feel good about ourselves,
  • The people around us (neighbours, colleagues, friends of our friends, etc.) will always give us a positive, but not necessarily honest, estimation out of curtesy,
  • The number of people who would estimate our age in this manner is too low to give us an accurate and relevant answer.

Our website is meant to eliminate these flaws and provide the most accurate answer possible to the question "How old do I really look?" The answer will come from hundreds of objective people giving their honest opinion. That’s as good as it gets!

Moreover, you can find out which haircut, makeup or outfit works best for you or helps you look younger, by uploading different pictures of yourself and letting our users help you choose.

The pictures you upload should be of good quality. Furthermore, your face should be clearly visible and you shouldn’t wear sunglasses, so that our users can easily and accurately estimate your age.

How good are you at guessing people's age?

You can play "guesstheage" to find out how good you are at telling people’s age. It might come as a surprise to find out that you are not as good as you thought you were. That is exactly what happened to us, when we launched this website!

Every time you take a guess, the game will show you the subject’s real age, and at the end of a round will show you the average age difference for the set of people in that round based on your guesses. The good news is that the more you play the more you will improve your ability to guess people’s age.
Nobody will ever again trick you about his or her age.

We find ourselves in many situations when we would like to or it would be useful to us to know someone’s age. Many of us have already been in such a position. If you haven’t yet, you can surely imagine plenty of situations when it would be useful to correctly estimate a person’s age.

Last but not least, playing "guesstheage" is a lot of fun and it's free, so go ahead and try it out!

All the best!
The "Guess the Age" team