Habits That Make Us Look Younger

Habits That Make Us Look Younger

Aging is a natural process which affects all of us. The good news is that the aging process can be delayed and successfully slowed down until well into old age.
Our daily habits influence the age we look. Some habits make us look younger, while others on the contrary make us look older.

A youthful, positive attitude will make you look younger!

Make a habit of maintaining a youthful, positive, and full of energy attitude.
People who embrace a youthful outlook on life are obviously seen as young people.
Science has proven the benefits of a positive mental attitude on health and body wellbeing.
In order to look younger laugh as often as you can and avoid stress as much as possible.


If you want to look younger turn doing sports into a habit. A daily exercise routine of minimum 30’, or as long as time allows it, will make you look younger.
Regular physical exercises have a strong anti-aging effect. Youth is associated with a fit aspect of the body.
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A Healthy Diet

A healthy and diversified diet, based on fruits, vegetables and fibers will make you look younger.
Antioxidants are of great importance in slowing down aging. Antioxidants are nutrients which delay the damaging oxidation of the body. They can be found in different foods such as: carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes, cabbage, citrus fruit, peppers, nuts and seeds, whole grain cereals, wild berries, grapes especially dark ones, beans, apples, etc…

Make a habit to eat healthy.
Stay hydrated! Theoretically a minimum of 2 liters of liquids a day is recommended, but this quantity depends upon weight, climate, physical activity, etc.…
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Get Enough Sleep

To preserve your youth make getting enough sleep a habit. How many hours of sleep a day? Theoretically 7-8 hours for adults and a minimum of 9 hours for children.
Get enough sleep to avoid tiredness and to feel rested. The necessary sleep time differs from one person to another and it depends on the activities during daytime.
As you sleep the body restores itself and a sufficient number of hours of rest will help us keep our youth.

Skin Care

Cleaning, gentle exfoliation and face hydration are the activities which help us maintain a young looking complexion. Sunscreen is very important, since it is well known that ultraviolet radiations age the skin and excessive exposure can cause sunburns and severe skin disorders.

By using good quality cosmetic products, suitable for our skin type, we will succeed in maintaining a young complexion, preventing corrosive chemical factors and negative effects of solar radiations from aging us prematurely.
The same treatment should be applied to the whole body, not just the face.

Inspect and rejuvenate your look from time to time

The mirror and an objective open attitude are our allies in the fight against aging.
There are many aspects we can change that will make us look years younger: make-up, hairstyle, clothing style (colors, accessories, etc…)

Make a habit of objective self-evaluation and trying new things.
When you do not know whether a certain make-up or hairstyle make you look younger, ask for the others’ opinion. guesstheage Game will help do just that!
Compare looks and choose the one that makes you look younger and suits you best.

Avoid smoking

Smoking has harmful effects on the whole body, a fact that leads to its aging. Smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other very serious diseases.
Smoking has a direct effect on our looks making our skin look more wrinkled, dry, and old. In addition, smoking has negative effects on teeth and nails, a fact that interferes with a youthful look.

Avoid regular and/or excessive alcohol consumption

Regular alcohol consumption gives people the look of… drunkards (under-eye bags, a tired look, poor health). These effects appear only with sustained alcohol consumption, an occasional glass of wine or a beer with friends has no negative effect of on our looks.