The Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth

The Real Fountain of Youth

A magical fountain of rejuvenation... The story tells that whoever drinks or bathes in the Fountain of Youth regains his youth.
People have often searched for this wonderful fountain. Some even declare to have found it.
Our dear readers, if by any chance you learn the address, please share it with us. We will be forever grateful… and forever young.

Like many myths, this one contains a grain of truth. The Fountain of Youth really exists, it can be found in each and every one of us.
It is in our power to preserve our youth for a long period of time. There are countless examples of people who have succeeded in looking young and living young until well into their old age.

The Fountain of Youth springs from our power to embrace what helps us stay young and to avoid what makes us age faster.
After all, it is only a matter of will: do I want to be young and healthy? Do I care about myself but also about those who love me? The right answer is: for myself and for them I will be young and healthy in order to enjoy a high quality of life for as many years as possible!

Maintaining our youth is a certain way of life, which entails: a healthy diet, physical exercises, a positive attitude, stepping out of our comfort zone and accepting new challenges, using face and body care products, hairstyling, clothing, and especially avoiding aging factors such as smoking, too much alcohol, stress, insufficient rest, etc.

If we feel young, we look young. Youth begins from the inside and it shows on the outside. We are old only when we believe ourselves to be old.
People have the capacity to stay fit throughout their adult life and long in their old age, long after the moment when they start to be perceived as old. Humans are blessed with an outstanding ability of adjustment – they become limited and start to age only when they give up physical and mental challenges.

Some people age gracefully, others do not. With the exception of those who were grievously treated by fate, the difference between the two categories of people consists in the sum of their actions and attitudes throughout their lives. I can see very often people enjoying a bike ride in their 90s, while others feel old at half that age.

Maintain a state of awareness and analyse at all times what you do in order to stay young.
Protect your youth, stay young forever!